New FOSS Pathways

Explore new FOSS® Pathways for grades PreK–5. Now as never before, the world needs graduates who can view the world thoughtfully, approach challenges analytically, and embrace opportunities enthusiastically. For educators to help unlock this potential in their students, they need a curriculum with the power to:

  • Engage students through coherent phenomenon storylines that are local and relevant.
  • Enable three-dimensional learning practices through active investigation, with the right balance of hands-on activity and rich digital resources.
  • Provide unmatched educative support to teach phenomena-based science.
  • Align with today’s national science standards and adapt to meet state and local requirements.

Now, from a longtime leader in active science, comes the answer to all these challenges: new FOSS Pathways. Download our Free Sampler and see how FOSS Pathways meets the demands of our time like no core PreK–5 science curriculum before.

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