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FOSS Pathways: The phenomenon-based science curriculum for our time

Aligns with today’s national science standards and is adaptable to meet state and local requirements

Incorporates the digital tools for a flexible multimedia experience

Lends flexibility to teach in the class time allotted for science

Teaches through a multimodal approach to resonate with every student

Engages students through coherent phenomenon storylines that are local and relevant

Provides unmatched educative support to teach phenomena-based science

See FOSS Pathways in action and get a glimpse of its power.

PreK-5 science for today and tomorrow.

Promotes scientific thinking

Students engage with real-world issues using three dimensional learning practices, and field-tested assessments accurately measure student learning and progress.

Motivates students
through active investigation

Students are empowered to act as scientists and engineers using hands-on experiences to figure out the world around them.

Addresses standards, affords flexibility

Educators can address standards within the teaching time allotted for science, while retaining flexibility for customized instruction.

Supports educators to teach
phenomena-based science

Teacher support spells out an explicit connection between the anchor phenomenon being investigated and the core ideas being exposed.

Promotes access and equity

Hands-on experiences and accompanying rich resources combine to enable differentiated instruction that resonates individually with each student.

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experience starts here.

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