Awakening minds like
no other science curriculum.

In an era when marketers promote K–8 science curricula “designed for NGSS,” one program is field-proven to engage students in true three-dimensional learning: FOSS , the Full Option Science System from UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science.

America’s most  awarded, most adopted science program.


Focuses on a student-first approach to teaching


Meets NGSS and state standards with a strong legacy of success


Transforms science class by providing unmatched support for educators

No one has brought active science learning to more classrooms than FOSS.

FOSS has raised standardized test scores, won numerous awards, and proven effective for students and teachers nationwide on a scale unrivaled by any competitor.




Makes students active investigators, not passive spectators.

FOSS is built around firsthand exploration of phenomena, using classroom-proven theories and practices to engage all your students.

The opportunity every
child deserves.

FOSS was designed from its roots to provide every child with the opportunity to develop their ability to think scientifically. The FOSS staff at the Lawrence Hall of Science devised FOSS to fully integrate active investigation and multisensory learning, an approach proven effective for all learners, regardless of prior knowledge, language, or background. If you, too, believe that every student can benefit in life from a solid scientific education and all that comes with it, your students deserve the advantages of FOSS.

“In the Oakland Unified School District, we evaluated middle school science instructional materials based on six criteria (led by) NGSS Alignment … and Common Core Connections. Our teachers and students rated FOSS Next Generation highest in every single category.”

-Brenda Tuohy, STEM Director, Oakland USD, California

English language learner Isabella discovers FOSS

English left Isabella on the outside looking in. FOSS spoke to all her senses, then drew her into reading and writing. FOSS levels the playing field by giving learners multiple ways to engage with the lesson, enticing them in through hands-on exploration rather than text alone.

10 Ways FOSS is Proven Better

Multisensory experiences that engage all learners – not a digital program with add-ons.

Rich digital resources support active science in hybrid and remote settings.

Proven to raise standardized test scores from coast to coast.
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Classroom proven by 100,000 teachers for 3.5 million students in all 50 states.

Uses phenomena in ways all learners can understand.

Storylines deepen alignment to NGSS, Framework, and Common Core standards.

Science kits built by us, ensuring top quality and one source for all materials.

Curriculum flexibility to let you meet learning standards in fewer sessions.

Unmatched professional learning
includes hands-on & virtual teacher workshops.

Teachers who pilot FOSS, choose to teach with FOSS.

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