FOSS makes them love science
by letting them do science.

FOSS builds student understanding of core science concepts through active investigation. The FOSS instructional design makes that happen by incorporating these proven pedagogies and practices.

Science Notebooks

let students organize data and thinking to create a personalized record of learning.

Formative Assessment

monitors student progress on an ongoing basis and drives future instruction.

Science-Centered Language Development

blossoms as firsthand investigation inspires students to read, write, and discuss their experiences.

Real-World Applications

take students outdoors and into the community, connecting problem solving to everyday life.

Informational Text

encourages students to integrate and extend their active-learning experiences by analyzing text, photos, and diagrams.

Integrated Technology

features online activities that let students review and extend their classroom investigation.

“FOSS provides necessary background information, lessons, evaluation tools, and videos promoting exemplary levels of student engagement. Now, at the end of each STEM Lab session, students are able to accurately articulate the practices in which they engaged.”

Lori L., STEM Coordinator, Harrisburg, PA

Investigate for yourself.