3 decades of refinement went into this moment of discovery.

FOSS has been classroom-tested and refined for 30 years by the Lawrence Hall of Science. It’s why today’s FOSS brings together every student and teacher component for world-class science instruction, all found right in the package and included in the price.

English Language Arts Connections

FOSS connects science to English through readings, Science Notebook writings, and teacher support for ELLs.

Making Sense of Phenomena

Students step away from their screens and investigate scientific phenomena with their own hands.


FOSS throws open the classroom door and takes students outdoors, raising their awareness of the natural world.

Formative and Benchmark Assessments

Based on the NSF-supported ASK project, FOSS assessments foster a growth mindset.



FOSS can help you build a customized plan for your district, provide experienced consultants for workshops, and furnish ongoing support.


One online source hosts an array of engaging, interactive virtual investigations and tutorials.

Digital Components

FOSS provides tablet-ready FOSS eBooks for ELLs, streaming video for students, and varied resources to aid teachers.

“FOSS has long offered remarkably rich curricula. Its integration of well-designed hands-on and textual learning is unparalleled, and cross disciplinary connections are laid out in detail. Student exercises and assessments are thoughtfully constructed, and topical presentations encourage model making, revisions, and further exploration.”

Lori C., Teacher, Los Angeles, CA

Discover it all at no cost.