Comprehensive packages for complete learning.

When the curriculum developers at the Lawrence Hall of Science devised FOSS, they thought of everything — and included all the key components at no added cost.

Equipment Kit

Made exclusively for FOSS, comprehensive and proven to work:

  • Module, course, and grade level kits
  • Equips you for 32 students
  •  Enough consumables for 3 classes
  •  Durability for repeated use

Investigations Guide

Available in print and digital form, this core tool supports the teacher with:

  •  Overview of the course
  •  Framework and NGSS
  •  Materials
  • Technology
  • Each investigation
  • Assessment

FOSS Science Resources

Student in-depth articles in print, eBook, or audiobook format:

  • Connect students’ firsthand experiences to informational text
  • Integrate different methods of gathering data
  • Expand their understanding

FOSS Technology

Upgraded FOSSweb on ThinkLinkTM starting in the 2021-22 school year empowers remote and hybrid learning* with:
  • Extensive simulations and virtual investigations
  • Online activities that promote  differentiating instruction
  • Student ebooks and streaming videos for students
  • Expanded teacher support with single sign-on and LMS compatibility

Teacher Resources

FOSS provides teachers with multiple resources to help them manage every module and course in all aspects:

  • Alignment to standards
  • Taking FOSS outdoors
  • Science-centered language development
  • Using science notebooks
  • Notebook, teacher, and assessment masters, in print and online

Spanish Resources

FOSS sets the standard for reaching Spanish-speaking students with a complete set of Spanish language materials.

  • Enhanced online Spanish resources via ThinkLinkTM
  • FOSS Science Resources in print and eBook
  • Notebook, assessment, and teacher masters
  • Module vocabulary and definitions
  • Focus questions


“FOSS kits have been a wonderful addition to our school science curriculum. We love the hands-on material, it is well designed with the student in mind. With clear instructions, useful worksheets/lab summaries, and well organized materials, we love FOSS kits!”

Diane H., Teacher, Massachusetts

See for yourself.