The impact of FOSS can be measured. And seen.

FOSS produces lasting improvement in L.A.

Los Angeles Unified School District, Grade 5
■ Basic or Below
■ Advanced / Proficient

FOSS has been classroom-proven nationwide in districts of all sizes. In one of the biggest, the Los Angeles United School District, the inherent equity and access of the FOSS curriculum plus industry-best FOSS support delivered this dramatic improvement.

FOSS raises standardized test scores.

FOSS Raises Standardized Test Scores
VA Standards of Learning Science Pass Rate for Hampton City, VA

In Hampton City, VA, FOSS implementation completely closed a 17-point gap between district scores and state norms in just 3 years.

FOSS helps districts in need.

Ettrick Elementary, Chesterfield County, VA

Chesterfield County (VA) Public Schools, Ettrick Elementary fifth grade.

Even at a school where 61% of students were economically disadvantaged, FOSS let their true potential shine through in state test results.

FOSS lifts high-performing districts higher.

Placentia Yorba Linda USD, CA

Fifth grade test scores.
Some years add up slightly high because of rounding errors.

The Placentia Yorba Linda district didn’t face a crisis in test scores. But after implementing FOSS, its scores jumped up and stayed up.

The FOSS legend continues to grow.

The ongoing success of FOSS is a phenomenon in itself. Across the nation, districts like these keep upgrading their science curricula to the classroom-proven effectiveness of FOSS:

  • La Crosse School District, WI
  • Peabody Public Schools, MA
  • Indianapolis Public Schools, IN
  • Tupelo Public Schools, MS
  • Oakland Unified School District, CA
  • Fulton Academy of Science and Technology, GA
  • Santa Barbara Unified School District, CA
  • Oklahoma City Public Schools, OK
  • Bellevue, WA
  • Hanover County Public Schools, VA
  • Syracuse Public Schools, NY
  • Cabell County Public Schools, WV

Struggling student Lily discovers FOSS

She’d begun to doubt her ability to learn, until FOSS put control of the lesson in her hands.

Join the FOSS phenomenon.