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Today, NGSS and the Framework call for three-dimensional learning experiences that help students meet performance expectations. For three decades, the experts at UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science have anticipated these goals and continuously refined FOSS to meet them.

  • ✓ Meets NGSS Standards
  • ✓ Meets State Standards
  • ✓ Makes Phenomena Relevant
  • ✓ Raises Test Scores
FOSS already was using the philosophy behind Next Generation Science Standards before they were officially adopted or given explicit terminology. You have the practices, crosscutting concepts, and DCI information. Thank you for being ‘the wheel’ before it was reinvented! - Erin A., Science Teacher, Delaware

FOSS promotes

three-dimensional learning

Active investigation is
at the heart of FOSS.

FOSS is built around firsthand investigation of phenomena, using classroom-tested pedagogies and practices to build students’ understanding of disciplinary core ideas in science.

Phenomena: FOSS puts students first.

FOSS invites students to not just watch phenomena but actively investigate them, the philosophy later codified by NGSS and the Framework. And unlike some recent programs that graft the phenomenon onto the start of every lesson, FOSS gives learners a logical context so they understand it. A member of the original NGSS writing team explains why:

Phenomena Driven Instruction: Don’t Assume One Approach Fits All.

Get the facts on a recent misconception about phenomena in science teaching.

Craig Gabler, Ph.D.

NGSS Writing Team Member, Science Education Consultant

Presented By:

March 10, 2019

Craig Gabler, Ph.D.

NGSS Writing Team Member, Science Education Consultant

Presented By:

Storylines in FOSS: a journey of discovery.

Modern science standards encourage students to solve problems and figure out solutions in a journey guided by a storyline. FOSS puts the storyline front and center. Students’ observations of phenomena lead to questions, which lead to the next step in the storyline. In FOSS, students know the overarching problem and the role of each investigation in solving it.

FOSS: Every state. Every standard. Every student.

Whether your district’s goal is to teach a phenomenon-based NGSS science curriculum while integrating Common Core State Standards in ELA and Math, or to generally embrace the vision of the Framework, you’ll find that the research-based FOSS curriculum with complete equipment kits is ideal for your elementary and middle school classrooms.

Biotech engineer Gabrielle discovers FOSS

FOSS taught her not just facts, but a way of critical thinking that set the course for a lifelong journey.

Investigate for yourself.