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in science education.


FOSS has brought active-science learning to more classrooms than
any other program.


FOSS has provided more professional learning to educators than any other science program.


FOSS has helped hundreds of thousands of graduates and science education leaders for 3 decades.

To pilot FOSS is to choose FOSS.

Bellevue, WA head-to-head pilot

FOSS® Next Generation faced off in Bellevue, WA against a leading “designed for NGSS” rival. In a 15-school pilot with dual language, ELL, & diverse students, FOSS was chosen best overall by 80.8% of teachers.* See what FOSS can do for your district and draw your own conclusions.

America’s most
awarded science program.

professional learning.

Teacher development is especially vital to a hands-on science program. FOSS provides experienced consultants for virtual or in-person workshops and coaching. We help you craft a multi-year customized plan for your district, and can train teachers to cover the aspects of science most important to your district through a tailored Critical Pathway curriculum.

“FOSS really walks you through every step of the process. From getting your materials together, how to set up your groups, and even what to say in the beginning. You don’t need to be an expert to use the FOSS kits. You just need to be a teacher.”

Clare O., Teacher

Conceived for all. Proven for decades.

English language learners

English left Isabella on the outside looking in. FOSS spoke to all her senses, then drew her into reading and writing. FOSS levels the playing field by giving learners multiple ways to engage with the lesson, enticing them in through hands-on exploration rather than text alone.

High-achieving students

Screen-first science bored restless Ethan. FOSS judiciously blends a foundation of active investigations with supplementary online resources and text, to engage students’ hands and active minds.

Struggling students

Lily doubted her ability to learn, until FOSS put control of the lesson in her hands. FOSS active investigation gives even struggling students a chance to relate to the material through their senses, replacing blank stares with the excitement of discovery.

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