Our Critical Pathway makes the most of classroom time for science.

Today, many elementary educators face the reality that time for science instruction is limited. Accordingly, the developers of FOSS have determined a Critical Pathway through each module in grades 1–5 that is faithful to the FOSS conceptual framework and engages students in firsthand experiences with investigative phenomena, yet uses the fewest number of sessions possible to complete the module.

Managing time. Meeting standards.

  • The Critical Pathway supports teachers in elementary schools who teach science less than 5 days a week.
  • The Critical Pathway is ideal for districts and schools where time is limited, or whose educators are new to FOSS or to NGSS and three-dimensional teaching and learning.
  • The Critical Pathway empowers all teachers to provide three dimensional learning opportunities for students to develop understandings of the grade-level disciplinary core ideas.

A sequence that works

  • A logical sequence of experiences within the Critical Pathway provides firsthand observations and information, helping students develop their understanding of the core ideas to figure out phenomena.
  • Our professional learning team and consultants can work with districts to develop a Critical Pathway that helps teachers feel confident and comfortable teaching an active science curriculum.
  • Through a multi-year professional learning plan, our consultants focus on training and supporting teachers through the most critical steps of the investigations.
  • The result is that students get the full benefit of the FOSS curriculum, and teachers are confident teaching the material in the time allotted for science.
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Fewer class sessions needed

The Critical Pathway approach honors the conceptual framework of FOSS and engages students in firsthand experiences with phenomena, yet requires fewer class sessions—ideal for schools with limited time for science instruction.

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