Designed for
 all students.
Approved for Philadelphia’s.

In FOSS®, students don’t just read about scientific concepts. They actively investigate them in the roles of scientists and engineers. For decades, FOSS has opened the door to scientific knowledge for students of every learning style, prior experience, or cultural background. It’s how FOSS has become America’s most awarded, most adopted K–8 science curriculum — and now, the science curriculum is approved for all K–8 students in the School District of Philadelphia.

FOSS lifts Philadelphia science test scores.

FOSS® was put to the test in a School District of Philadelphia pilot. The results show
 dramatic improvement in PSSA scores in just one year.

21.1% 78.9% 38.1% 61.9% 15.0% 85.0% 29.2% 70.8% Southwark School Grades 4 & 8 Before FOSS 2018 After FOSS 2019 Before FOSS 2018 After FOSS 2019 Penrose School Grade 4 % Advanced/Proficient % Basic/Below Basic

FOSS makes standards compliance easier.

FOSS® Next GenerationTM prepares you for the state’s upcoming alignment with NGSS. Meanwhile, the included FOSS Pennsylvania Companion saves valuable time for teachers by identifying the Eligible Content needed to meet the Pennsylvania Science Framework. So FOSS not only meets standards, it helps you meet them.

Buy 8, Get 1 Free.

See how easily you can give your students the advantage of FOSS this fall. Contact a member of the FOSS Pennsylvania sales team for your customized pricing information, and take advantage of special Philadelphia savings: Order 8 FOSS modules now and get the ninth one FREE.

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