no longer available.

FOSS digital resources are now located through FOSSweb on ThinkLink™.

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FOSSweb is now on the ThinkLink platform with all our current FOSS digital resources. For help with ThinkLink access, please contact our Educator Success team today.

Current FOSS editions available on FOSSweb on ThinkLink:
  • Next Generation Grades Pre-K-8
  • Third Edition Grades K-5
  • Second Edition Middle School (Grades 6-8)
Still using a legacy edition of FOSS?

Legacy editions of FOSS are no longer supported on FOSSweb. These editions include:

  • FOSS K-6 Second Edition© 2005
  • FOSS Middle School First Edition© 2001-2005
  • FOSS California© 2007
  • FOSS Texas© 2013
Please contact us to learn more, ask questions, or purchase a current edition.