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What is FOSS?

FOSS gives students the opportunity to think and act like scientists and engineers. UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science developed FOSS® for Indiana to present science the way students learn it, as they experience phenomena firsthand through active investigation. It’s why FOSS is proven to measurably improve test scores in districts across the country. Why FOSS?

    Local districts already using FOSS:

    Here are some of the schools and districts statewide that are using FOSS. To find out more, talk to your local FOSS representative.

    Purdue ISI* Avon Community School Corporation* Fayette County School Corporation* Lebanon Community School Corporation* Metropolitan School District of Martinsville* Richmond Community Schools*
    Washington Township Schools* Zionsville Community Schools* ETHOS STEM CENTER~ Concord Community Schools~ Elkhart Community Schools~ Fairfield Community Schools~
    Goshen Community Schools~ Greenfield-Central Schools East Porter County School Corporation Lake Central School Corporation Monroe County Community School Corporation Tell City - Troy Township Schools
    Purdue ISI* Avon Public School* Fayette Country School Corporation* Lebanon Community School Corporation* Metropolitan School District of Martinsville* Richmond Community Schools*
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    The FOSS curriculum is designed as a laddered series of experiences that cumulatively develop not just knowledge, but scientific thinking across all three dimensions. Whether your district’s goal is to teach a phenomenon-based NGSS science curriculum while integrating Common Core State Standards in ELA and Math, or to generally embrace the vision of the Framework, you’ll find that the research-based FOSS curriculum with complete equipment kits is ideal for your elementary and middle school classrooms. Review the Indiana resources below and see for yourself why FOSS is the Full Option Science System that works for Indiana teachers and students.

    FOSS: Indiana
    FOSS PATHWAYS: Overview
    FOSS: Indiana Pre-K–2 Module Description
    Test drive FOSSweb on ThinkLink.
    FOSS PATHWAYS: Indiana 3–5 Module Description
    FOSS: Indiana Correlations K-5 2022
    FOSS: Indiana 6–8 Course Description
    FOSS: Indiana Correlations 6-8 2022

    Classroom proven like no other science program.

    FOSS has amassed a legacy of results spanning all 50 states and reflecting the combined experience of 100,000 teachers. If you’re looking for a science curriculum proven to work for students of all backgrounds, cultures, and abilities, your search begins and ends with FOSS.

    Only FOSS offers you all this.

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      America's most awarded, most adopted science program

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      Three decades of continuous refinement by 100,000 teachers

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