Welcome to the FOSS virtual booth!

Since we can’t meet you in person at our booth right now, we’re bringing you the next best thing: a virtual booth where you can experience FOSS® through your own eyes and those of students and teachers.

What is FOSS?

FOSS is the true three-dimensional active learning experience developed by UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science and acclaimed as America’s most awarded, most adopted Pre-K–8 science curriculum.


FOSS is a phenomenon-based NGSS science curriculum which integrates Common Core State Standards in ELA and Math, and embraces the vision of the Framework.

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Make students active investigators, not passive spectators.

FOSS turns students into scientists, so they’re excited to participate in science class. FOSS supports hands-on investigation in various learning environments, including remote learning activities using items found at home. Hear what happens when students step out from behind their screens and take science into their own hands.

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Find unmatched support.

Active science teaching thrives on Professional Learning. Every science curriculum promises you support—but in every way from webinars to digital teacher materials to customized multi-year plans, no competitor comes close to FOSS.

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