FOSS Next Generation Motion and Matter

Grades 3

The Motion and Matter Module provides students with physical science core ideas dealing with forces and interactions, matter and its interactions, and engineering design.

Investigation 1: Forces

Students explore the forces of magnetism and gravity using magnets. Building on their experiences with magnetic force, students explore other pushes and pulls, considering strength and direction and are introduced to the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces.

Investigation 2: Patterns of Motion

Students use a variety of systems to explore patterns of motion. Wheel-and-axel systems, flying spinners, and student-designed tops are used to investigate the interactions and variables involved in motion.

Investigation 3: Engineering

Students tackle an engineering design challenge in incremental steps. They use their knowledge of science to enter the engineering design process and, through this process, refine their science understanding.

Investigation 4: Mixtures

Students build on the science concepts of matter and its interactions. They make mixtures and solutions to develop a foundational understanding of conservation of mass, and they observe a simple chemical reaction to extend their understanding of conservation.

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