FOSS Next Generation Solids and Liquids

Grades 2

The Solids and Liquids Module provides students with physical science core ideas dealing with matter and its interactions and engineering design. The experiences help students develop an understanding about how materials are similar and different from one another and how the properties of materials relate to their use.

Investigation 1: Solids

Students explore solid objects, such as pieces of wood, plastic, and metal by observing, describing, and sorting the objects according to their properties. They design and construct towers (and other structures), using the properties inherent in the materials to accomplish the task. Students discover solid objects in the schoolyard environment, and sort the found objects into natural and human-made.

Investigation 2: Liquids

Students investigate liquids in a variety of settings to become familiar with their properties. They rehearse precise vocabulary, using liquid properties cards. Students use representational materials to enhance their understanding of the unique behaviors of liquids.

Investigation 3: Bits and Pieces

Students work with beans, rice, and cornmeal to find out how solids behave when the pieces are small. Students shake, rattle, and roll the materials in bottles, pour them from container to container, and separate them by using screens. Then they go outdoors to find particulate solid materials. Students observe the particles when poured on a flat surface and compare the particles to water on the same surface.

Investigation 4: Solids, Liquids, and Water

Students investigate interactions between solids and water and liquids and water. They observe, describe, record, and organize the results. Students test toothpaste to determine if it is a solid or a liquid. They investigate melting and freezing of familiar liquids. Students collect solid materials outdoors and mix them with water, while looking for changes in the color and clarity of the water as evidence that something mixed with the water.

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