FOSS Next Generation Structures of Life

Grades 3

The Structures of Life Module consists of investigations dealing with the big ideas in life science.

Investigation 1: Origin of Seeds

Students describe and compare seed properties. They investigate the effect water has on seeds by setting up seed sprouters and observing and recording changes over a week. Students investigate seed dispersal mechanisms of plants.

Investigation 2: Growing Further

Students examine germinated seeds to determine similarities and differences in the way the organisms grow. They set up a hydroponic garden to observe the life cycle of a bean pant. Through direct experience and readings, students learn about plant structures and functions.

Investigation 3: Meet the Crayfish

Students observe and record some of the structures of crayfish and compare them to other organisms, then investigate crayfish behavior. They learn about adaptations of organisms in different environments and engage in a simulation activity to explore food chains.

Investigation 4: Human Body

Students observe the articulated human skeletal system in action. They explore joints and their role in movement and build operational models of muscle–bone systems to see how muscles move bones. To investigate their skin, they make and analyze fingerprint patterns.

Investigate for yourself.