FOSS Next Generation Water and Climate

Grade 3

The Water and Climate Module provides students with experiences to explore the properties of water, the water cycle and weather, interactions between water and other earth materials, and how humans use water as a natural resource.

Investigation 1: Water Observations

Students investigate the properties of water. They compare the way it interacts with four different surfaces, explore how it moves on a slope, how sponges interact with water, and what happens when rain falls on natural materials.

Investigation 2: Hot Water, Cold Water

Students are introduced to temperature as a measure of how hot matter is. They observe the properties of water as it is heated, cooled, and frozen. They compare the density of water at different temperatures.

Investigation 3: Weather and Water

Students compare weather data that they observe, and collect forecasts and historical weather data. They are introduced to water vapor and evaporation. They explore the effects of environmental conditions and surface area on the rates of evaporation and consider how evaporation and condensation contribute to the water cycle.

Investigation 4: Seasons and Climate

Students organize and analyze local daily weather data for the previous year. This leads to understanding the difference between weather and climate. They discuss engineering methods to deal with weather-related hazards.

Investigation 5: Waterworks

Students compare what happens when water is poured through different earth materials and test soil drainage rates. They construct a waterwheel and use it to lift objects. Students are also introduced to renewable natural resources and ways to conserve them.

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